Chart Wizards

The Chart Wizards NFT, acting as a Membership Pass, grants exclusive access to a trading community where traders of all skill levels can gain and share knowledge led by the Chart Wizards Team.



For new and experienced traders and collectors, Chart Wizards NFT Holders have exclusive access to the greatest community of traders on any blockchain.

Knowledge Library

A collaborative, shared database of searchable resources useful for anybody wishing to become or remain a successful trader.

Chart Wizards Montessori

A curriculum that serves as a roadmap to becoming a profitable long-term market speculator, designed by the Chart Wizards team.

Model Portfolio

Live Model Portfolio - a portfolio traded and discussed in real-time for educational purposes, including trade alerts from the Chart Wizards team

World Class Art

An official, authenticated commemorative NFT trading card celebrating the near half century trading career of Peter L. Brandt, the NFT collection was designed by a team of world-class artists


Q&A’s, AMA’s, Giveaways, Trading competitions, and more featuring the Chart Wizards team